Dead end street

by 2nd Class Substitutes

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released March 22, 2016

mixed & mastered by Marc @ Sleepwalk Music Production



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2nd Class Substitutes Vienna, Austria

The band was founded in 2012 by a group of friends sharing a passion for grounded punk rock and the urge to get at it themselves.
Numerous gigs supporting different bands in genre throughout Austria,enforcing their reputation for a strong live appearance.
With their energetic as well as melodic flavour of punk rock 2nd Class Substitutes keep on spinning the wheel rather than reinventing it.
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Track Name: just move along
well the night is over/ sun-rise again/all the troubles disappeared-enough strength to face my fears/so I keep my head up high/stand up strong against these lies/social pressure I will resist- just on time to raise my fist/all the chains and burdens I will leave behind/just break up reach another state of mind/don’t want to be a puppet on a string/so there´s just one kind of reaction/for this decreasing affection/so it´s time for self-reflection/and there´s just one thing/ just move along/ far away far away/just move along/no more reason to stay
Track Name: all for one
well there are times I´m feeling real low/resigned- without a way to go/all the ignorance – I face on the street/social principals grounded on greed/time to break the bounds in our heads/time to stand up for the things – that we´ve said/let´s reject; discuss new possibilities/push aside the ones that put us on our knees/all the signs not to ignore/no more reasons to wait for/it´s my life, my own conception/I want to live/all for one and one for all/a combined strength will break the wall/time to rethink with new conceptions we will move on/hand in Hand an unbroken chain/our fight will not be in vain/just stand strong/follow your heart/just leave old patterns apart/so how deep is our greed to ignore/all the pain we cause for the things we adore/how to accept this social disparity/for sure that´s not the way it has to be
Track Name: endless screw
all that time I wasted hanging around the same old state/what I´ve done was just a burden eating up my little faith/close your eyes shoot your mouth “Thanks for all the chains/give me one more motivation to be proud of my apparent gain/yes I know live is a gamble, hard working day by day/hence remorse keeps my attendant- I try to pray/look around I ´m not that bad what to do I´m just alone/does it change a thing it´s just the state of art/look around at all the people and the greed in our face/like we fight against each other to reinforce our own caste/it´s an persistent struggle and the looser is just fixed/besides the forgotten fallen just conscience that seldom pricks/fasten seatbelt; false security/just Straight in line, just in time, just take what´s obvious mine/let´s raise the swords again-close your eyes and just pretend/the weaker ones are always wrong- be aware to sing the right song/let us separate ourselves –learn to be proud of your poor wealth/fight their wars- but we will never win/like remote controlled masses running near the brink/like a guideless ship on sea that is about to sink/well let´s raise your hand give a call it´s all upon ourselves/we can change the views make a brake -time to be awake
Track Name: just complaining
: wake up get it on/another reason to move on/same talk same speech/like a puppet on a leash/out on the street/at the break of dawn/black masks children of the throne/benefits just the profits of a few/same old story nothing really new/just straight we just walk in line/no alteration, nothing to define/fast times seems to suck you dry/no time to worry no time to ask you/why your dreams fall apart/ why the race was lost just from the start/ it´s time to start again/ not too late to over through the status quo/searching for better ways to got/let´s discuss share our ideas and dream/not worthless like it seems/I believe it´s not too late to rethink/ time to realize time to start a row/just don´t accept the status quo/just fight the status quo
Track Name: blank sheets
: this constant lack of inspiration/seems like everything turns grey/running around with no direction/I´ve gone astray/where´s the path that I have to go/ I am running but I am still too slow/give up-still no choice/tongue tied but I will find my voice again/speak out the words I want to say/too long I´ve been hiding/time to change time to break away/this time I will make it too the end/ the sails are set one direction/just straight ahead/let´s move ahead start again/ feel the blood running through the veins/no turning around/running away/let´s make it to another day/still belief day will getting better/ just get up turn around/time to close this old chapter/just make another sound
Track Name: salvation
reflections of old childhood days/remaining crossways for today/the presence of the past/smiles and scars that will last/determined routes and familiar paths/a tight –knit web –how to accept? a vicious circle on and on/eternal revision of the same old song/get away from here/change is nowhere near/lies becoming just the truth once again the betrayal of myself/walking in the footsteps of someone else/ just losing ground/ spit it out/shout out load/break the silence just get out self-reflection it´s time for being me/paralyzed by alien thoughts/estranged hassle without rewards/just keeping myself in line/holding the faith to see a sign/ to show me the way I lost I’m gone astray can´t pay the cost/reaping out my painful heart/realizing the need of falling apart
Track Name: dead end street
another night walking home alone/same thoughts than yesterday/always looking for a reason/just give me a cause stay/away from this path I walked before/don´t want to close this door/but the pain just lingers on/ just time to move on/ wake me up of this dream/is it really like it seems/where is my home/where is my heart/don´t want it to fall apart/it fades away/still it feels like to betray/it´s a moonless night no light shows us the way/ no twilight signifies the day/ choices are really though to make/each option seems like a mistake/this road a dead end street/ This is a last goodbye/ my constant ally/so many years on separate ways/too late to run away/these day these treasures that we kept/ just give me a reason to stay
Track Name: back to zero
slip in my shoes I´m on my way/don´t want to be here anymore/everything has been said/no words left/just leave through the backdoor/no time to regret/revoke the words we´ve said/it´s time to move on/ the tables have turned/the pages are burned/just get out/ and I´m gone/ so I turn my back on these streets I know too well/only broken glass no second I will dwell/ so reset the clock back to zero/I don´t want to walk this street again/on this road in the wrong direction/ just a growing disaffection/the dice have been cast/set me free at last/ so many time I walked alone with you by my side/ although still running in the same direction/ it feels like we collide/so I get my coat and I am on my way/don´t want to stay here anymore/ I’m trying to forget all the things we´ve said/ don´t want to be here anymore
Track Name: to my allies
looking at old photographs/a dusty book of memories/ through the good and through the bad/guess too late for apologies/I´m thankful for the steps I made/did I make them by my own?/although no one was by my side/I never walked alone/where has all the friendship gone/where are you now/where has all the passion gone/where is it now/all these times to remember/all the moments that passed by/endless talks and endless nights/an ode to my allies/ the stony road we walked together/made me strong to oppose my fears/ it gives me strength to move on/ so many dreams just disappeared/time ticks by just too fast too many dreams just felt apart/where am I know; where did I go- did I preserve my child´s heart/so open this book of memories of old photographs and rhyme/although it´s all so long ago – give it back just one more time/friends will come and Friends will go-I guess just a part of the game /it´s great that we walked along this way it wouldn´t be the same/sure I miss you sometimes alone on this empty road/but it gives me strength to move on- memories just reload
Track Name: straight line
:eyes straight and one direction/ no cause to turn back/yeah it´s time for new sensations/out of my way I´m back on the track/all the time I waited so long/just on time to sing a new song/get on board or just stay behind/no need for concerns too trouble my mind/ I don´t need your good advice/ just give it pure I will pay the price/ what I know it´s time to change and to free my soul/what I know I´m thinking too much and I will lose control/ on the road again just my own hands behind the wheel/no one tells the way, no one make the rules-I really want to be my own fool
Track Name: no regrets
sitting home at night and/watching cars drive by/like old memories, like long forgotten dreams/one by one I paid my/fees for all the things I´ve done/seems like a second it has been gone/can´t recall can´t revoke my steps/ On the inside of my own breast/that beats with two different hearts/growing old fells like growing apart/like transforming a fly into a grub/taking shape;losing faith; reflection of a former state/disrespecting you was just disrespecting me/no regrets about it –no apologies/just to blind to see the reasons for my steps/waywardness of a souls depth /Self-reproaches – allegations/hard to find the allocations/shame and temper too fairly close/no more strength to oppose/against the things that we have done/stuck in this much too long/I can´t recall can´t revoke my steps/on the inside of my own breast